Tips for Buying Jewerly

One of the hardest things a man has to face is trying to buy jewelry for the woman he loves. Woman can be very picky and most often have a specific idea of what kind of jewelry they want. It is hard for men to determine which type of jewelry is best suited for their love, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help a man shop for women’s jewelry. When shopping for women’s jewelry, keep the following in mind:

1. Bigger does not necessarily mean better. Woman always talk about how big the gemstone is when it comes to jewelry. However, a bigger stone does not technically mean that your loved one is going to like it. Listen to her. She has probably dropped a million hints as to which types of jewelry she prefers. Listening is the best way to ensure she gets what she wants.

2. The price tag is irrelevant. Okay, lets be realistic, it’s not completely irrelevant but it’s definitely not as important as some men think. Just because you spent a fortune on a piece of jewelry, it does not mean she’s going to like it. If you can find a piece of jewelry which suits her preferences but has a smaller price tag than some of the other pieces, she’ll probably be happier with the less expensive piece in the end.

3. Find out her size before you purchase. This is especially crucial for bracelets and rings. Although it is not a huge deal if the jewelry doesn’t fit, buying a piece which fits her properly will show her that you’ve taken the time and effort to do it right. Furthermore, when women receive jewelry they can’t wait to put it on and having to wait for it to get altered can put a damper on the experience.

4. Real is better than fake. This may sound stuck-up but it’s definitely true. I think I speak for all women when I say that she would much prefer a small authentic gem to a large fake one. The price is still irrelevant but if you can get a small real one for the same price as a large fake one, most women will opt for the genuine gem.

5. Ask her friends. Girls always talk about this kind of thing so chances are her friends will have all the information you need to find the perfect piece of jewelry for her. Just make sure that if it is meant as a surprise you let them know ahead of time, otherwise your girlfriend will know what you plan on doing before you have a chance to purchase anything.

It can’t be easy finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one and I don’t envy anyone who has to face this process. Try to follow the tips listed above as best you can and have fun with it. She’ll love anything you choose for her and she will be even happier that you chose it yourself. As noted above, the best way to ensure she likes what you buy for her is to listen for hints she may be sending and then implement these hints into the shopping process. If she loves you, she’ll love whatever you choose.

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